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Meet Hollie

In 2007 our beautiful 2 year old daughter, Hollie, was diagnosed with Niemann Pick Type C ('NP-C') an extremely rare and devastating genetic condition which causes neurological decline and childhood dementia and for which there is currently no cure. Less than 50 children suffer from this condition in the UK and only 1000 worldwide.
Hollie is the inspiration behind the Hope for Hollie Foundation, a registered grant giving charity which is working to make lifetime a reality for those fighting NP-C. 

Meet Hollie

The Hope For Hollie Foundation received charitable status in March 2014. It was founded following the success of an awareness campaign, launched by the Carter family in 2007 shortly after their daughter Hollie's diagnosis. 

The Foundation was set up because of their own experiences of living with a child with NP-C. Through meeting other families and working with other charities the Carter family saw an opportunity to help with the ever challenging need to preserve and enhance support, fund research and increase awareness of the disease. 

Working collaboratively with other charitable organisations the Foundation has developed a strong presence in the Niemann Pick community and is directly making a positive impact to those affected by the condition. 

In April 2017 the charity changed its name to The Hollie Foundation to better reflect its aims and objectives as a grant giving charity.

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