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Funding support, research & education for those living with life-limiting NP-C, a cause of childhood dementia.

What We Do

The Hollie Foundation is a grant funding charity that supports families affected by Niemann--Pick Type C (NP-C).

Our misssion is to make the lives of those affected by NP-C today a little easier, whilst working collaboratively towards finding a viable long term treatment or cure, bringing hope for the future.

We support families and other organisations working in the NP-C field through our grant giving programme; providing funding for research, specialist equipment, the enhancement of vital support services, and other social and medical needs.


We also work to increase knowledge, education and awareness of all aspects of NP-C.

What We Do

They only have a childhood to

experience a lifetime, together

let's make lifetime a reality.



If you have a family member affected by NP-C or you are an organisation working in the Niemann Pick field, you could apply for funding through our grant giving programme.

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